Monday, 1 November 2010

Pot Holder for Paul

Friends of mine have just finished renovating their kitchen. I've been wanting to make some pot holders for myself for a while, so I thought I would rise to the crafty challenge and make them one first!

The front of the pot holder has a scrap of "apron" fabric, black homespun and then some spotty fabric from the Madagascar Fat Quarter Bundle that I got from The Fat Quarter Shop a while back.

Bordered with pre cut and pressed black poly bias.

The back has some kitchen recipe images on it. Not sure where I got this from, but I only got a fat quarter of it and I made a fabric covered diary for Christmas and then this pot holder.

The quilting for this was simple, I used two layers of cotton batting and two sided fusable interfacing to keep it all in place while quilting. I didn't have the patience for safety pins.

Now to choose the fabric for my pot holder!!

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Karen said...

I love that apron fabric, wish I had some! We have a bit of a red theme in our kitchen starting and are trying to find more red things to add to it.
Do you know you can get proper heat batting for oven mits? I haven't looked into it but my mum has made some.