Saturday, 20 November 2010

Retail Therapy

I went and grabbed some retail therapy on Thursday afternoon at GJ's in East Brunswick. I needed to get some black linen to make Tori's Dirndl that I have to start tomorrow if I want to get it finished for next Saturday. I saw this and couldn't walk out of the shop without come. GJ's range gets bigger and bigger every time I visit them.

Isn't this the cutest! I am hoping to make a cot quilt for the new baby, as we don't know what we are having, it will be a gender neutral quilt. I do like the baby Frankenstein's and I'd also love to do a softie to match.

Isn't this range just gorgeous!


Karen said...

Oooo I want some!!! Have to find an excuse to go to GJ's and just accidentally buy some.

Only problem with GJ's for me is that it would be a full day out for me to get there, so I'd want to take the pram, but pram would be no good in their store.

Kis said...

Those baby frank's are very cute! Might have to stock up from there for when I have time to do things again!!

Aunt Spicy said...

Best kind of retail therapy! Looks like a great stash!