Sunday, 4 March 2012

How to train your Dragon

We finally got around to watching "How to Train your Dragon". I think that we missed this one at the cinema because it was initially released as a 3D movie and I tend not to go well with 3D movies.

It was uncanny how many cat characteristics they gave the Night Fury, even to the point of liking grass! We watched the movie because Tori and Dadda have tickets to the Dragon Arena Spectacular on Thursday. Tori loved the movie and come bedtime, she chose two of her favourite books to read.

Tom's Clockwork Dragon is a gorgeous "steampunk" children's book which is visually inviting not only for the child but also the parent. The story is quite complex for younger readers, but we used to simplify the language when we read it to Tori in the early days.

The other book which is Tori's favourite is "Where did all the Dragon's go?". Based on a poem by Faye Robinson, it provides a plausible explanation for thunder and lightening, one which was reinforced in "How to train your dragon". The illustrations are gorgeous.

Etsy even have a crochet pattern for toothless ...

Toothless crochet dragon by Hafik

I'm quite happy to support my daughters love of Dragons, far nicer than a Barbie!

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Twinsane Mum said...

My girls have also just discovered dragons and love this movie at the moment. Funnily enough they also call Toothless a cat! Jay Baruchel is great as the voice of Hiccup.