Thursday, 29 March 2012

Loving Lisette

There is one teaching day of the term left and I can't wait for a hot date with my Janome next week (after my uni essay is finished that is).

I had hoped to participate in the Lisette Continental Dress Sew-along that the fabulous Ms Curlypops was hosting, but alas it was too difficult to get a pattern (especially in my size). So I ordered it online ... I won't make the deadline for the Sew-along, but I do like the blouse pattern and I might try that.

My package arrived today from Lisette and what a delightful experience it was opening it up.

I've ordered lots of patterns online, but this package made me smile when I opened it. Rather than just a pattern, it had a lovely little "thank-you" sash that went around everything.

There was also a freebie! A cute little Oliver + s Spool Dog! And the invoice was nicely folded in the back, nice touch!

As you well know, I take issues with retailers with bad customer service who complain about online stores "stealing their customers" and then when they try to go into online shopping they still treat their customers like dirt.

I only expected the pattern, but in return Lisette + Co made me feel so special with the presentation of their product. I am highly be a return customer based on my experience.

When I tried to get this pattern through Spotlight, it was difficult enough trying to get someone to serve me in a timely manner. I gave up after four stores of having to wait around until someone told me that they didn't have the pattern in my size because they refused to help me on the telephone.

I am happy to support bricks and mortar shops, but come on guys ... concentrate on the customer service and we will spend our money with you!


CurlyPops said...

Now thats definitely great customer service!

Beky said...

Love the look of the little package you got. Will be great to see a photo of the end product. Enjoy your date!!!