Friday, 17 December 2010

Bring on Christmas

Things have been busy in my part of the world. We are all looking forward to Christmas, especially Victoria who now has a sense of what Christmas is all about this year. We have been trying to take some nice Christmas pictures for the front of our card, but without our regular camera gear, we have been struggling to get "the IT photo".

The last 6 weeks have been truely exhausting on so many different levels:
  • Finishing the 2010 teaching year and bidding farewell to my place of employment until 2012. Packing up my desk and then having to find a place for my resources at home for a year.
  • Toilet training Victoria with all the excitement and accidents that occur with that process. I wanted her to wait until I had finished work, but my daughter, with her own free will decided to start a few weeks ago when Mummy was the most stressed.
  • Finally putting to bed the last of the edits for the text books that I have been working on all year. High quality publishing is such a complex process, especially when you have to work within the confines of a Study Design.
Not much sewing or creating in that list is there?

For the next 8 weeks there is nothing but Christmas, sewing and nesting that needs to occur in my part of the world ... but first I think a reward massage is in order.

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Thea said...

I hear you! Have a great Christmas and a lovely break. xx