Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Someone loves my Car playmat

I've been getting some traffic from Zen DIY web site about Tori's Quilt Play mat as part of the Zen Kids web site. Scroll down the page, we are about half way down and there are lots more ideas for making a handmade play mat.

I've been itching to make another one again, to see how I can improve the process and make it quicker. I was thinking that perhaps the back could be done in a nice soft cord or a fleece. And the road signs could be a quilt square rather than appliqued.

Alternatively, I could try my hand at writing a pattern. Now that all my text book writing is done for the year, I am itching for another writing project.

The quilt has gotten so much wear so far, it has gone to Germany, loitered around the back of the car on occasion and of course it has been played with as a car play mat.

The blood red merino backing has washed up so well (machine cold wash wool mix) and the cats love it. Draping themselves over the top of the quilt at every chance they get.

So if I actually wrote a pattern, is there anyone that would test the pattern for me?


Mandy said...

I'll test a pattern for you, if the timing is right and i'm not, you know, giving birth ;-) I would love to do it.

Ange Moore said...

I've been eyeing of your car mat idea for ages! With two preschoolers at our place I'd love to test the pattern (if you ever got around to writing it)!

Unknown said...

I'd love to test that pattern as it is something I have been trying to figure out myself for ages.

Leanne said...

Sounds like you have a number of helpers already but you can count me in on pattern testing too.

Angie said...

Very cute! I like the street signs!