Monday, 6 December 2010

Handmade Living

I was very excited to see that the Christmas present that I bought myself arrived in the mail today, a copy of Handmade Living produced by Handmade Press in Canberra.

When I noticed the release of this book, I figured I ought to get a copy quick smart as they were doing a limited run and I didn't want to miss out.

The book is a high quality production bound in a hard cover and jam packed with lots and lots of projects. A lot of these type of books do "24 projects" or similar containable amounts of inspiration, but flipping through the book, you realise that they tried to pack as much as they could into their 170 pages. Check out this table of contents, lots of crafty goodness for 2011!

Like every other crafter I try and do a few "handmade" items for Christmas. But after flipping through the book, I might have to ammend my list to contain a few of these projects.

Two that grabbed my immediate attention was the "Little Chef" hat for my daughter and the Cloak pattern both by Mon petit poppet.

Even though Tori's Christmas gifts are not cooking themed, I might knock her up a hat and matching apron if I have time.

I like the fact that each project is on one page rather than a few pages and that pattern pieces are contained at the end of the book and photocopyable, not as loose leaf pages.

As I have already implied, I think that there is enough content in this book for two books and certainly enough to keep me entertained over summer.

Congratulations to the crew at Handmade Canberra and Tania McCartney for putting together an excellent book.

Yardage Design fabric features in several of the projects, and Nic has a special offer of a limited design bunting panel if you purchase through her shop.


Karen said...

I love those sorts of books, full of projects, but always talk myself out of buying them because I figured I'll never get around to making anything.

I might have to start re-thinking that logic... that looks like an awesome book!

Tania McCartney said...

Karen - what a gorgeous post - thank you so much... and everything you said underpins the entire reason behind the book. We wanted to give such value, such beauty and quality... and want people to be unable to choose - there's just so much to do! We hope you love the book. Email us what you make and we'll put in on the Handmade Canberra blog! Tania x

Steph said...

Hi Karen! I'm delighted you like my projects. Please don't hesitate to contact me through my blog if you have any questions. Wishing you a delightful festive season. Steph :)