Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Spirit

Waiting patiently for our Christmas Tree to arrive this weekend, Victoria is very excited at the prospect of Santa coming to visit. I bought some handmade decorations at the Church Bazaar last weekend to add to the other wooden decorations that we have. I need to get some ribbon so that they hang better on the tree this year. They look great in wood, but would look equally good if painted red or white.

There is so much crafty inspiration on the net at the moment! Of all the advent calendars that I have seen, I like this one the best. And especially the messages that can go on the inside of the cards. Not lollies but actions that make a festive season worthwhile. Chocolates are nice, but we get enough of them at this time of the year.

picture via noodlehead

Ive been dreaming of making a christmasy patchwork panel for the wall based on this image that I have seen. I have one week of work left and then a week of childcare left to get all my crafty sewing in before being a full time Mum hits me.

image via audrey and maude

I love this idea and think that it would work equally as well with holly rather than circles or leaves. Not sure what shapes I will use (if I get time that is).

What christmas crafts are you making?

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