Friday, 9 October 2009

Banners 101

This little kaos has been working hard to finish the banner for Saturday ... if I had been organised enough, someone else would have made it for us, for only $300 .... But as I sit back and look at it, I am glad that it too is handmade!

I am not a stranger to banners. I have made them for school productions and "house" events. I have worked with canvas and also satin ... cotton drill is far easier to work with!

Konstant Kaos creative space ... not an organised place at the moment! But ideal for displaying a banner!

So how did I do it? I got a few metres of white cotton drill, used the data projector at work to project the image onto a wall and then pinned up the white cotton drill. Then we traced the outline with a texta and then painted it with screen printing ink, which was then heat set.

The "MARKET TODAY" banner used a different technique. I did the outline using the same method as the Northside banner, but rather than paint, I used reverse applique (not sure if that is the name of it, but that is what I am calling it!).

I have been wanting to have a play with this technique for few of my crafty creations, so I jumped at the chance when I looked at the market banner and thought "I wonder ..".

I hope the size of the banners are visable and that if it does rain, they don't go pear shaped! The red material is pre-washed, but the rest isn't!
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Nikki Maloo said...

Don't worry, it's NOT GOING TO RAIN tomorrow. Let's say it again. It's not going to rain! It's not going to rain! I have make up I need to apply to dry faces!

Cathie said...

that looks fantastic Margaret!! that is also my next project which I have been putting off. how excitingggg.

Jennie said...

They're so gorgeous! I say the technique is called reverse applique, so I demand you call it that as well.

Liesl said...

Well, your banner looked great ... and it was a fabulous market!