Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Northside Makers Market

There is this false sense of security that I am feeling at the moment, on the eve of our first market, Northside Makers Market. My heart should be beating faster, I should be worried about my stock levels ... but the big worry, ended two weeks ago when we filled most of our stall positions. The next big worry is the weather!

Here is the pamphlet, please email far and wide!

As for the ride, it is quite surreal that a few months ago the three of us got together for coffee after meeting at Sonny and Coco and said "why don't we" and then we were off and running.

We used PB Works as the wiki for a virtual collaboration tool and all of a sudden we had lots of ideas, procedures, to do lists and contacts available in a short amount of time. A month had passed and we had what most businesses would call a business plan. Out of the idea of a market came the Collective idea. Although we only wanted to commit to 4 markets a year, the idea that we could craft all year around with the Northside Makers Collective appealed to us.

So where are we now ... with over 45 members in the Collective and 40 stalls for the market .. all of a sudden it has become real (when did that happen). I still can't believe we were all crazy enough to run with this, what with each of us having a craft business and children under, or around, 2 years of age. Jay, Jennie and I are all nuts! Jennie has done a wonderful post on what the market means to her.

I just hope that the weather holds off and that Saturday is a success, not only for us but the stall holders who have placed their faith in us and have come on board.
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bubbachenille said...

I wish you guys all the best for your first market ( and all the rest too ofcourse ) Wish we could come !
Miriam aka mummabubba and aka The Handmade Expo

Jennie said...

I believe that if we don't check the weather forecast again, it won't change from 19 and sunny. But everyone in the world has to agree not to look at the forecast before Saturday.

CurlyPops said...

I can't wait for the fun to start!

Me and My 4 Fellas said...

Wishing you all the best for your first market...I wish I could be there to see it all come together after reading all your blogs...
BRING ON SATURDAY and can't wait to read about it all next week