Thursday, 22 October 2009

Love Vintage Book Launch

I am sure that I broke every speed limit last night on the way home from Mums. Yesterday was one of those days where I did the Northcote to Dandenong to St. Kilda drive into work and then back again. Tori spent half a day at Nanna's while I taught Year 7's about Greek Gods ...

When I got home I only had enough time to change my top, and then I zoomed back out again into the city to the Order of Melbourne for the "Love Vintage" book launch.

We have known Nicole for years, so it was with great pride that I bought a copy of her book, got it signed and had a celebratory drink.

In true Jenkins fashion, she not only had a book launch, but also a fashion parade of 30 of the most beautiful vintage pieces highlighted in her book. The MC was wonderful had us giggling at his references to "blown" glass buttons and rayon ...

I only managed to get a few pictures of the beautiful dresses on my humble camera, I am sure that there will be better ones floating around on the Circa Vintage site before the week is out and of course they are all in the book!

If you want a copy, pop into Circa Vintage or harass your local bookstore to get copies in for you and others.

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