Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sisters Market October 3rd

After reading that just about everyone had a stall at the Sisters Market today, Tori and I wandered off for a look-see.

Anna from Polly Pratt was tucked inside the front door with lots of her handmade goodies. I promised I would take lots of pictures as her camera was broken :(

Jay was there with little Miss Finki who was busily creating scarfs behind the Finki stall.

Michelle from Mecino was there with her lovely jewelry ... she'll be there at Northside Makers Market next weekend.

There was lots of other stall holders as well, such as Rabbit and Duck and Chuckles. As for Tori, she was strapped to my back in our "packy". Randomly pulling on my hair and demanding more "crackers" ...

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Nikki said...

Sorry I missed you there! Also missed most of your blog comments until now - the emails went through to the office (and I wasn't in it!).

Oh - and on the applique mat question... It'll CHANGE YOUR LIFE if you're using vliesofix!!