Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Northside Makers Market Wrap Up

Now that I have time to think about Saturday ... if you visited the market, give us your feedback on the day. The survey is open until the end of the week.

From a Konstant Kaos point of view, it was a good day. I introduced a number of new products and they did well, adjusted a few prices up and down. It also helped that I could spread all my stuff out and I loved my corner spot.

My button badges were quite popular and almost everyone who visited my stall walked away with at least one on their lapel. Someone actually bought every design, 10 badges! The big question is whether I do another run, or completely new designs ... along with a proper sign!

When I went ahead with the badges, I had Jennie's advice in my mind, to make sure I had a range of products at a range of price points. So whilst not everyone would want to buy a bag, a button badge might lead to customers staying longer at my stall or someone might pick buy a button badge when buying something else to make up a whole number.

I really enjoyed doing the crime scene pillows and I had a few more ideas for home decor in that vein.

The other thing that went well was my little flex wallet pouches and my padded media pockets. So I might make a new batch of them for the next market.

My next gig is next Sunday at the Black Market Garage Sale in Northcote, a little bit more low key than the last one and more of a casual feel with a band playing and a sausage sizzle.

I have organised a marque for this one as well and I am sharing the space with SLAP Cosmetics with Little Cooties contributing her wonderful cat and bat softies to my stall. I'll have Northside Makers application forms there for anyone interested.

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