Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Creative Space

The relocation of my sewing room is happening so slowly. Nicholas is sleeping a lot better since he was put on Losec for his reflux which means that I am getting more sleep and therefore functioning better during the day. But he is still quite a high-maintenance baby compared with his sister.

I've started to sort through my scraps of material into colour stories. If it is large enough to be turned into a hex it stays, else, it goes off to Kinder for their craft box.

I feel like a real quilter having colour scrap boxes and I wondered why I didn't do this task sooner! I'm looking forward to grabbing two colour boxes and knocking up a scrappy quilt from what I have got.

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Finki said...

Yay for babies sleeping better. Helps so much to makes us feel human again when we get sleep xx