Saturday, 20 August 2011

Ode to the weekend

I am looking forward to the weekend starting as I have so much writing still to finish for my first uni essay (Master of Teacher Librarianship).

I would much rather be outside gardening or sewing, but once it is finished I will pleased at my achievement (regardless of quality). Our garden, despite the weeds, is exploding with daffodils at the moment. We planted the bulbs years ago and we don't dig them up each year, they just keep on multiplying.

Although I am glutton for punishment, I actually find the process of writing an essay weirdly soothing. It forces me to shut off from the day to day stuff. That ability to disconnect allows me to sleep better and to be a calmer person in general (even though I am anxious about this essay).

Nicholas did his first night last night without a night time feed. He roused at 4am, but I got him back to sleep quickly. Here's hoping we can replicate that for a few nights in a row.

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