Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What a ride the last 6 months has been ...

On the 18th, Nicholas will be 6 months old. Although some days have been excruciating long, the 6 months has flown by.

As it was expected, he is such a different baby to Victoria. We thought he was never going to smile, but then he did. Since being on Losec reflux medication (4 weeks now) he is smiling more and more. The down side to having reflux has been his inability to be on the ground for long periods of time, he would much rather stand or be seated upright. So although he knows the mechanics of rolling and moving about, he would much rather be standing.

Most days he is quite serious, almost deep in thought. But every once in a while you catch a joyful look upon his face and if you are lucky you even get a picture of it!

His first two teeth came through last week, a full 4 months earlier than his sister. He seems to like solids, throwing himself at the spoon when it approaches him. But breastfeeding .. well, we ARE breastfeeding, but it has been a battle. Breastfeeding was more enjoyable with Victoria and we did it until she was over 2 years of age. Nicholas is a lazy feeder and a poor latcher which means that there is more work for me to do to make the breastfeeding relationship successful.

A good night of sleep is when Nicholas does a 4 hour block. Again, different to his sister who was sleeping 6 to 8 hour lengths by this age. We have his weigh in on Friday at the Maternal Health Nurse. But I can tell that he is long and large and wearing clothes that Victoria was wearing at 11 months.


nicole said...

happy 1/2 birthday baby nicholas!

Emily said...

He's lovely! Happy 6 months to you, Nicholas!

Lauren said...

Boys are so different! He has a gorgeous smile! Happy 6 months :)