Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Plummeting towards her eighth birthday

My husband reminded me this morning that it was three months until my daughters 8th birthday.

Where does the time go?

I took these pictures on our last school holiday family trip to central Australia.

I am constantly amazed at how fast she is growing up and how her mind is developing. She has amazing ideas about how the world operates and she isn't afraid to ask the questions.

She has recently discovered Doctor Who and is devouring the complexity of the episodes and back stories to the Doctor and the aliens that he comes across.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The pursuit of a clear ice cube

My fascination with how to create clear ice cubes at home began a few months back when I had a chance to visit Palmer and Co in Sydney. A 1920's bar in Abercrombie Lane in Sydney, the ice that they use is called Artisanal Ice.

My father is a refrigeration mechanic, so we have spent lots of time talking about how the clear ice blocks are made and how you could make it in your home freezer. The fancy ice making process fascinates me and I am sure that it will be the next evolution of domestic refrigeration ice makers.

But does it make your drinks nicer? I must admit that for a special occasion, a clear cube does make a difference to the ambiance! So I was very excited to see this Kickstarter project, the "Polar Ice Tray". I love design items, I hope that this Kickstarter is successful.

Until then ... enjoy a bit of ice!