Monday, 29 August 2011

Good Luck Danielle

A friend of mine goes in for a 9 hour brain operation this morning to remove a tumor. Luckily it is non-cancerous, but there is still risks associated with a 9 hour operation.

Picture Source

She was getting headaches and stroke symptoms, numbness down her left hand side. The doctor who was very sharp, recommended her for a MRI thinking it might be a tumor. And it turned out it was and they have just "caught it in time". She could have ended up having a stroke.

So if you have a moment today, say a short prayer for Danielle who is probably under the knife as we speak. She has a week in ICU afterwards and then another week in at the stroke ward and I am hoping to visit her when she is able.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Etsy Friday Finds: Window Shopping

I must admit that I am a daily checker of the etsy front page. I love to click through and go on little shopping adventures to see what I can find. My Friday finds are always compiled from a week of etsy surfing.

My print of the two Koi "swimming towards happiness" arrived this week and it gorgeous. Can't wait to get it framed and up on the wall.

Here are some selections from my window shopping this week!

I love the simplicity of this "fanboi" print.

This would look great around a corset or tight dress.

Lingerie Long Earrings by gemagenta
The pieces on this site are simple, yet complex.

I've been looking for some nice images for Nicholas' room, I love this one because of the camel!

Have you come across anything in your window shopping this week?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Trip to the Dentist

In anticipation of Tori's first trip to the Dentist next month, she went along with me yesterday for my regular teeth clean and check up.

She got to ride on the chair, wear a bib and sunglasses. The dentist then got her to sit still (!!!) and counted her teeth. While all this was happening, Nicholas was helping the ladies out on the front desk!

When I got my teeth cleaned I had about 25 minutes of no kids to focus on and it was the most delightful "switch off" feeling given the last few days and the mad rush to get my first Uni essay in.

I've been going to this dentist for about 15 years and when I first visited him I was a nervous patient who sometimes needed Valium to calm down. Now I can get my teeth cleaned without gas and for the first time yesterday I enjoyed it.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Passing of Boris

I was so busy doing stuff yesterday I forgot it was the anniversary of the passing of Boris our beloved Russian Blue three years ago.

Her was very much a loved cat and he left a hole in our hearts when he passed away from old age in our arms. We burried him under a rose bush in the front yard, a red one called "Cardninal". Today the rose bush has a healthy bud on it and it will probably flower this week.

We used to call him "lardo the wonder cat" as he had the uncanny ability to sleep wherever he wanted to. He would sit on the edge of the couch and wait for Andreas to come home and then run to the door to greet him. He was very vocal and in the end he was deaf and very loud.

He came to us a "dumped"cat and within a week of having him we discovered he had crystals in his urinary tract and for a while he also needed Valium to calm him when going to the toilet. He was the most expensive cat we have had needing many vet visits in his stay with us to fix his digestive tract and also remove rotten teeth. He loved his bravery bandana's from North Fitzroy Vet Clinic.

The one thing that I remember about him is that he had so much love to give, to anyone who would take it and in the end Anastasia and Boris were so close. We have had Vladamir for about a year now, and it was just the other day that I caught him washing Anastasia. It has taken a year for her to get used to another male cat.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Ode to the weekend

I am looking forward to the weekend starting as I have so much writing still to finish for my first uni essay (Master of Teacher Librarianship).

I would much rather be outside gardening or sewing, but once it is finished I will pleased at my achievement (regardless of quality). Our garden, despite the weeds, is exploding with daffodils at the moment. We planted the bulbs years ago and we don't dig them up each year, they just keep on multiplying.

Although I am glutton for punishment, I actually find the process of writing an essay weirdly soothing. It forces me to shut off from the day to day stuff. That ability to disconnect allows me to sleep better and to be a calmer person in general (even though I am anxious about this essay).

Nicholas did his first night last night without a night time feed. He roused at 4am, but I got him back to sleep quickly. Here's hoping we can replicate that for a few nights in a row.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Etsy Friday Finds: Something about Trains ...

If you know my hubby, you'll know that he is into trains, the small ones with little engines.

He turns weak at the knees when he see's a real one and when we went to Maldon for a birthday a while back he was like a kid in a candy store. So honey, this is to make you feel better because you have Man Flu (tm).

Steam Train Papercut by ArtiiCraft

Train Sign by Finny and Zook

What makes your partner go weak at the knees? Keep it clean ladies!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What a ride the last 6 months has been ...

On the 18th, Nicholas will be 6 months old. Although some days have been excruciating long, the 6 months has flown by.

As it was expected, he is such a different baby to Victoria. We thought he was never going to smile, but then he did. Since being on Losec reflux medication (4 weeks now) he is smiling more and more. The down side to having reflux has been his inability to be on the ground for long periods of time, he would much rather stand or be seated upright. So although he knows the mechanics of rolling and moving about, he would much rather be standing.

Most days he is quite serious, almost deep in thought. But every once in a while you catch a joyful look upon his face and if you are lucky you even get a picture of it!

His first two teeth came through last week, a full 4 months earlier than his sister. He seems to like solids, throwing himself at the spoon when it approaches him. But breastfeeding .. well, we ARE breastfeeding, but it has been a battle. Breastfeeding was more enjoyable with Victoria and we did it until she was over 2 years of age. Nicholas is a lazy feeder and a poor latcher which means that there is more work for me to do to make the breastfeeding relationship successful.

A good night of sleep is when Nicholas does a 4 hour block. Again, different to his sister who was sleeping 6 to 8 hour lengths by this age. We have his weigh in on Friday at the Maternal Health Nurse. But I can tell that he is long and large and wearing clothes that Victoria was wearing at 11 months.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


It was late.

I was high on chicken 'Twisties'.

I had already made a dinosaur tail for the birthday party we were going to ... but I wanted to sew more ... it had been so long since I had sewn.

I started with some precut components of my tote bags that I found in the big clean up and this is what I ended up with.

I used Curlypops technique for the lettering, but rather than print out the lettering on the computer (because my hubby was playing World of Tanks), I drew the letters freehand.

When ironing on the applique I couldn't help myself but include a Tyranosaurus Rex peeping up from the edge of the flap.

Inside a pocket and a clip for things. Bag hardware from Nicole M. The strap had some custom made bias sewn onto it for effect.

I think I am going to develop this Child's Satchel Bag a bit more if I have another opportunity. Perhaps this time with a bit more interfacing for structure.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

A Hottie just for me

I was excited this week when my Hottie arrived along with a lovely thank-you note from Cam for my support to the Challenge *warm fuzzies*

I didn't buy one on the night as I always intended on going back at some point by myself to choose one. Time disappeared and all of a sudden the exhibition was over. Then Cam put up all the pictures of the remaining Hotties and I knew which one I was getting.

If you want to know how Susie from Flowerpress did the letters, she has done a tutorial on her blog.

Did you miss out on a Hottie? Fear not! There is still a handful left. Go on .. support the Margaret Pratt Foundation.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Etsy Friday Finds

I'm in a bit of a nesting mood at the moment. Changing the space around me to better reflect who I am and where I am going. I found these gorgeous things on etsy and thought I would share.

I can see myself with these placemats, by Reglisseetleszouzous

House Rules by urbanwalls. They come in any colour, a solid coloured wall with the rules in white would look good as well.

I think that this would look gorgeous in my daughters window, design by Living Glass Art.

I love this pillow, simple yet effective by ireckon.

This print of two Koi swimming is lovely, by Tiger House Art.

Have you come across any lovely homewares on etsy?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Creative Space: Slow and steady wins the race

Moving the sewing room is happening slowly (perhaps too slowly). I've been down with a cold this week so energy levels are unpredictable.

An impromptu trip to Ikea last night resulted in some more storage containers for my *stuff*. Did you know that Ikea sell pretty good pinking shears in their textiles department for just $10?

De-cluttering has been fun, but has lead to arguments with my daughter. I've been dropping off my excess fabric scraps, ribbons and bits and pieces to her Kinder to use in craft, but little miss doesn't really want to share! I have explained to her that there is plenty of fabric for her to play with at home .. plenty!

This week I have finished putting my scraps into tubs (see on the bookcase!) and have acquired some pre-loved wardrobe organisation containers for my fat quarters. I am still not convinced that this is the way to go with the fats, but it is a workable solution at the moment.

We have another Billy to put up on the wall above the computer desk and pin boards to take down and re-locate. The old sewing room is starting to look a bit forlorn with empty bookcases and 60 litre tubs full of material ready to go into "storage".

I've got some more presents to make this week, so there should be lots to post about next week! Check out Our Creative Spaces for more ...

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Camera Club entries for August: Decay

The theme for Camera Club this month is decay.

I took these outside the old dilapidated Britannia Hotel in Williamstown.

The lovely Kerri helped me to crop and highlight them given that I had the camera settings wrong (oops!). I am still quite green when it comes to Photoshop. Even though I have been on courses, I find that unless I am fiddling with it each day, none of the skills learnt seem to stick.

It should be interesting to see what the judges think of my concept of decay.

Monday, 8 August 2011

A little sunshine in my day

I have been feeling absolutely horrible today. Head cold, stuffy nose and yucky ears. I have spent most of the day sleeping rather than doing the readings for my Uni assignment.

But a bit of sunshine in my day came in the form of a teatowel I ordered online, and delivered by my friendly express post guy, Simon.

I love this design and a while back made a series of bags from Thea's fabric. Included in the package was a sample of her fretwork design in red. I am hoping this will become part of some nice pot holders for my kitchen.

If you haven't checked out Thea's work, then head on over to her blog and check out her lovely designs.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Etsy Friday Finds

This morning's friday finds are an odd collection of things that I have stumbled across in my online travels this week.

Isn't this picture of a Galah just gorgeous! I love watercolour paintings. Check out the rest of Splodgepodge work, truely gorgeous.

Check out this Tailors Assistant. I am not too sure how practical it would be, but just the idea of it makes me smile!

Pillows like this Paint by Number Globe pillow really appeal to me.

Tori's Birthday is right around the corner and I think that something like this might get some use year after year. Carnival Bunting by Blue Moon Studios

I thought that this leather necklace was quite lovely by Love at First Blush.

Have you come across anything lovely this week? Let me know!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Creative Space

The relocation of my sewing room is happening so slowly. Nicholas is sleeping a lot better since he was put on Losec for his reflux which means that I am getting more sleep and therefore functioning better during the day. But he is still quite a high-maintenance baby compared with his sister.

I've started to sort through my scraps of material into colour stories. If it is large enough to be turned into a hex it stays, else, it goes off to Kinder for their craft box.

I feel like a real quilter having colour scrap boxes and I wondered why I didn't do this task sooner! I'm looking forward to grabbing two colour boxes and knocking up a scrappy quilt from what I have got.

More creative spaces can be found over here!