Tuesday, 23 February 2010

How do you write your blog posts?

I wear a lot of hats ...mother to Tori, wife to Andreas, teacher to many, crafter, business woman and writer ... yes writer!

At the moment I am working on manuscripts for the new version of Year 12 Information Technology Applications and Year 11 Information Technology textbooks. Three chapters in total, some of it re-working of old stuff into new stuff, some of it from scratch (such as the chapter on data visualisation and cloud computing).

When I tell people this they generally look twice as they tend not to consider that I would have a conducive personality to writing. Yes I am impulsive, a bit distant at times, I tend to get tounge tied, and yes it takes a great deal of self discipline to sit down and write (especially when you are ten steps away from a sewing machine), but I can do it ... I know I can!

Why do I write?

When you are in the writing zone, it is addictive ... my brain starts ticking, my fingers start typing and it gets me thinking, creating and linking to what is happening out there in the world.

At the moment, Inforation Technology is the only thing I write about apart from my blog and I would love the opportunity to change this and do more writing.

I enjoy doing secondary text books, as I can take what I have done and then bring it into the classroom where I can see the impact it has on the students learning. I tend to be quite creative in coming up with case study scenario's and you can generally pick out which chapters are mine by the types of images I choose.

Blog writing

As for my blog, when I am on a roll I am on a roll. For example; this blog post was conceived about 6 weeks ago when the moment grabbed me. I wrote down a few thoughts, saved it as a draft and I have been back a few times since then to add a picture or a few additional thoughts. Once finished it is either scheduled (such as this week when I *know* I am going to have a busy week) or it just sits there for the right moment.

I currently have 20 draft posts in my blog sitting there, fermenting, waiting on the right time, image and thoughts. So what do you want me to write about in this blog?


bubbachenille said...

You are a very organised person margaret, I wish I could schedule but it doesnt seem to want to work for me and It's probably that I am one step away from getting it right and I give up ! Good on you! Hope you'll be able to do some creative writing soon.

Little Cooties said...

You are so organised with your life and business. I don't know how you do it, but you are definitely an inspiration to me.
I love reading your blog, always full of interesting things to ponder

Jules@MoonCatFarms said...

I really enjoy your blog posts. I like the variety that you offer. Your organization skills are definitely inspiring some jealousy though!

I do have the one thing in common with you in that I have about a dozen draft posts in my que as well. I try to make up a post as I think of something and then flesh it out later on.

Thanks for the enjoyable read!

Thea said...

Since most of us have trouble staying organized, maybe you can blog some hints and tips and what works for you?