Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Trip to the bookshop

A recent trip down to Lygon Street for dinner meant a trip to the various bookstores and a look see at what new crafty books were there for me to covet.

Altered Curiosities had some interesting projects in it. In particular a project of embedding a butterfly wing in resin.

Secrets of Rusty Things is a similar book to the first one that I mentioned. Some steampunk inspired projects in this one. I immediately thought of Tinniegirl and some of the collages she has been working on when I flipped through this book.

I took a picture of the last one, Dominknitrix, especially for Trudi!

Unlike many years ago when we used to spend hours after dinner roaming the rows of books, now the experience is very different. Having to remember colouring paper and taking it in turns to occupy Tori while the other looks around at books.

She is getting better at the bookshop experience. This time around she spotted a book that she liked and wanted to sit up like all the big people and read it.
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Anonymous said...

I have Domiknitrix! I knit a vest from it.

Anonymous said...

I have Domiknitrix! I made a vest from it.