Friday, 5 February 2010

Crime Scene Handbags

I've been buring the midnight oil trying to finish off all that I can for Saturday's Northside Makers Market ... it's going to be a lovely 26 degrees ... so you must come down and say hello!

I am rather pleased with the way my Crime Scene Handbags came out... they will sit alongside the Crime Scene Pillows I have done. Decaptiation, Broken Heart and Vampires will all be available for purchase .. along with dismemberment (not pictured).

I've really been enjoying doing the hand embroidery on these handbags. I ended up using machine applique for the blood, faster and more effective.

But I still have a few more to finish, press and then tag before Saturday morning. Does anyone know the collective noun for a group of handbags?


Little Cooties said...

I love these handbags! Broken heart is my favourite I think.
The images on the black are really effective. Simple yet striking

Jennie said...

Surely it'd have to be a clutch of handbags? Or would that be for purses?

Libster said...

love the bags!! hope to meet you tommorrow if I can get to the market.
could it be a shoulder of bags??