Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Skull love Patch

Same idea different colour, very Konstant Kaos. A while back I attempted a cot quilt using the skull love fabric with larger blocks. Although it looked ok, I wasn't happy, so it sat there on the hanger, taunting me.

So I gave it another crack, this time making sure I had at least 6 different patterns, not sure if the stripes work, but I wanted a contrasting fabric to the other ones. I sashed this one in black with white stars. The fabrics are whatever I could get my hands on from my stash.

Still deciding on what to back it with, but it might just be a red backing given the business of the front.


Beky said...

I love your quilts. They are so modern and sleek. Looking forward to seeing more, no pressure. :-)

CurlyPops said...

This would be perfect for a funky little bubba! I think a plain red on the back would be the perfect choice.