Saturday, 6 February 2010

Northside Makers Market Wrap Up

The weather was fabulous, the people gorgeous and the crafts to die for ... but the customers were casual and cautious. Could it have been school fees? Rates notice due in? Economic climate? Not sure, but it was great catching up with people and having some wonderful stimulating and empowering discussions with some fabulous women!

The thing that is great about markets, is that it forces me to make stock.

So even if I don't sell all of it, my online store benefits from the energy that goes behind preparing for the market. I love the three Thea and Sami bags that I made for the market, the fabric is to-die-for!

The jewel in my crown was my crime scene and Wizard of Oz range and both were warmly received. The bag with the four friends facing the emerald city was sold before the market opened and I ended the day with someone buying the bag with the Ruby red slippers on it for their friend.

Even though some older members of the community thought that the crime scene things were a bit "dark". I enjoyed making them, that is the main thing - right?

I bought myself a gorgeous Finki Handmade necklace... can you see it, isn't it gorgeous!I also got some yummy steampunk inspired badges from Mrs Beckinsale and some felt donuts for my daughters pretend tea set from Miss Rosie (I didn't get a business card?).

A huge thank-you to my gorgeous husband who helped me ALL DAY and my inlaws for babysitting my daughter!


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

It was a gorgeous day. I didn't make it very far from home but I enjoyed the lovely weather.

I think the crime scene bags are fabulous.

Libster said...

Didnt get to meet you this time, but your husband was very charming and helped us with our purchases. I ummed and ahhed over many goodies but funds were on the low side this month... theres always another market!!
My daughter is hoping you will get some alice in wonderland fabrics and do bags!! (she also covets the crime scene stuff!)

Cate Lawrence said...

Lovely to see you, albeit briefly :)