Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Five Favs

I thought I would join in on Pip's post on her five favourite things this week ...

1. My cats
Introducing a new cat into the mix is always dangerous .. Vladamir is settling in well, every once in a while you hear a growl and a hiss as Natasha and Vlad pass each other in the hallway. He is adjusting quite well to being an "inside only" cat.

Natasha watching Vlad as he washes

2. Geek crafts
As I type away at my manuscript I am tempted by lots of crafty and geeky ideas. Dreams of assembly language cross stitch fill my head. Sad huh?

via bishopart on etsy

3. Heat packs
Sitting at the computer for far too long this week, my heat pack is my favourite thing. Sitting at my lower back as I type or they come to bed with me when it is cold. I think I need a new one and I might just buy one from Me and Mlee at their next market, their heat packs are lovely!

4. Nice cups of tea
Essential to any writing process, I came across Joie de Tea and her black vanilla mix at the last Modish Market. Yummo!

picture via Joie de Tea

5. The Good Wife
I have really been enjoying "The Good Wife", especially as the characters developed and there is heaps of UST (unresolved sexual tension) introduced into the episodes.

picture via buddytv

These are my fav fives, what are yours? join in!


Jodie said...

Aww, cute kitties! It took my 2 cats a while to get used to each other but now they are the best of friends :)

meetmeatmikes said...

What sort of Kitties are those, Margaret? Are they Blue Russians? Or something? Everyone I know seems to have those cute cats! They are like people, trapped in cat bodies, aren't they?! Or maybe we are cats trapped in people bodies?

Thanks for joining in! x