Sunday, 30 May 2010

Book shelf Quilt

Last night while watching Eurovision I was doing some top stitching on a quilt. It got me thinking about all the quilt projects I'd like to try.

In particular a book shelf quilt for our Library. A snuggly quilt that we can camp under on a cold night while reading a book

via Flickr

There are lots of variations on this design floating around the internet .. but essentially it is a variation on a stacked strip quilt quilt with some strategically placed colour. Lots of opportunity for some hand sewing and personalisation with the spines of the books.

via GardenWeb

Some people do these quilts in 2D others do them in 3D to make them stand out a bit more.

via Pats Pattering blog

I like the idea of including non-book things, so there will probably be a cat in my quilt, perhaps some pictures of my grand parents in frames (thanks to printable quilting cotton) and other ornaments. There are lots of examples of bookcase quilts once you start looking online!

This idea is of course, just a pipe dream. I haven't started buying fabric or plotting out the blocks, we first have to get the Library fully functional. I also have Tori's paintbox quilt to finish by September and then of course all the "works in progress" for my online shop.


Pat from Florida said...

I'm honored you like my bookshelf quilt top, so far. I still need to add another border and then quilt it. More later.

You are right -- so much room for personalization. Mine is from a swap. We each made one shelf. Then I added things in front.

chocolatetrudi said...

Love these. Of course, I'm now wondering if I could knit a bookcase blanket.

ZippyZippy said...

I love the idea of the book shelf quilt, and what a great idea to do it as a swap, one shelf each