Sunday, 16 May 2010

Modish Market Reflections

The last week has just been hectic. New cat, lots of school work and lots of writing due.

I am only now just getting around to uploading pics of the Modish Market that I did the weekend before last. So while I savour my cup of tea, lets reflect on my market experience.

The space was magnificent, Malvern Town Hall is a gorgeously restored space and we each had huge tables to put out bits out on. Of course I bring so much stuff that it isn't a problem, but my table cloths which were cut for a smaller table protested. So I swapped the red top for the white top and ended up with this set up.

I really do need something that stands up the back of my stall independently of the table so that you can see all my bags from a distance. Any ideas? I have discussed with my dad some ideas because he is very crafty with metal, but we are still working out the measurements and logistics of getting it into a small car!

I ended up making a batch of key fobs for the market, which were very popular indeed! I have made more and they are on display at my cube at incube8r on Smith Street. I got to try out my new tool that dad made me and it worked a treat to crimp the ends of the fob. I do have to invest in some good felt for the end of the tool so that it doesn't scar the metal.

I had all my quilts on display and I got some good feedback from the little old quilting ladies that wandered past. Lots of people took cards and enquired about smaller and larger quilts. So maybe there might be some business heading my way. Again, I need to find a way to display these more effectively.

I've done a lot of markets over the last few years and I also been on the flip side organising the Northside Makers Market. The market was so well organised. These girls have put their hearts and soul into organising what they hae tagged a "lifestyle" market (rather than a craft jewelry market) and there is food, tea, chocolates, traditional crafts and more importantly cup-cakes!

I was so thankful to my dear friend Chrissy for coming in for an hour to give me a rest so that I could wander around and an check out the stalls and she took Tori for a walk to get a cupcake. She was very impressed with herself! And thankyou to Beky, Karen, Tracey and Catherine who popped in to say hi and support the market.

Unfortunately, the May market was the only Modish Market I as able to sign up for. It was the "first" market and probably a little quieter than usual. The next Modish Market is on the 19th of June, so head on over and show your support to this market which is still quite new, but I think it might be around for a while once it builds momentum.

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Karen said...

You may have already thought of this, but my first thought for bags on display in a quick and easy manner would be a traditional style hat stand. One that pulls apart in the middle would easily fit into a small car. May not be the look you are going for.
Another idea that just hit me is a portable clothing rail, and then just get some 'S' hooks to hang the bags off. Make a wall of bags behind you!

Quilts you often see on a ladder type display or a free standing towel rack, but I don't know how well that would show off your designs.

Walked past incubator on Smith Street the other night. It was closed of course, but I could see your cube right down the end! Well done.