Sunday, 16 May 2010

Project Deadlines

I've been a bit absent lately from posting as I am furiously working towards a deadline. It is only when you have written a book that you realise how much effort actually goes into it and how many people are involved in the process.

picture via churl

Once this next stage of my writing is finished, I am looking forward to getting into my sewing room as it needs a serious clean and vac ... a bit of furniture re-organisation, some more plastic tubs and then hopefully I will be able to share with you what my creative space actually looks like.

Until then, what projects are you all working on at the moment?


Karen said...

What am I working on right now? I'm in the middle of a pair of maternity trackie pants... I've tried on them on to see how they're going but they're so warm I don't want to take them off to finish them!

Unknown said...

Enjoying chosing things to use for applique, but not enjoying how t-shirt material can be tricky to sew onto!