Sunday, 23 May 2010

Tetris Quilting

On saturday I was fortunate to spend most of the day at the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild. We took along our hand sewing for the first part of the day and then the second half of the day was workshop time. Pure quilting goodness!

In the afternoon I attempted to re-do my attempt at a tetris quilt. Unlike some quilt designs a Tetris quilt isn't very forgiving when it comes to seams lining up and I wasn't happy with what I had done. So I unpicked my 2.5 inch squares and I thought I would try the technique that Elizabeth from Oh Fransson used with her postage stamp quilt.

Using a pen, I ruled out a cube on a piece of iron on interfacing The cube was 6 x6 with each square being 2.5 inches in width and height. Pinned down the bits of fabric and then once I got the design right, pressed them onto the interfacing.

Then I ironed each seam, sewed it and voila! Instant Tetris quilt block within an hour. This block will turn into a pillow and I am thinking of getting some soluble interfacing so that I can use this technique to make a baby quilt with.

What do you think?


Mandy said...

This is great Margaret. It's so much fun watching something come together.

Anonymous said...

Very clever!

Anonymous said...

Surely going to be a geek favourite! :)

Rachel said...

You already know I think it's great.

I'd be very interested in seeing how it works out with water soluble interfacing, keep us updated!