Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Konstant Kaos @ Incube8r

Have you taken the time to check out Incube8r? Konstant Kaos are very excited to announce that we have a cube at Incube8r on Smith Street. There are some really gorgeous products from some of Melbourne's newest designers and now there is a Konstant Kaos cube!

Starting with some lovely Japanese florals and some select alternative prints, Konstant Kaos will be rotating through some of the unique products that we make every few weeks.

We have Cube #1 .. top left hand side of the left hand cube stack. Can you see the Kaos star??


Jennie said...

Great selection of products! It'll be fun changing them every few weeks. Hope you need to change them more often coz you sell everything. ;-)

kesalemma said...

I really like the bag. Is it still available?

Margaret said...

Yes the bag is still available, just checked online! Best get down there fast!