Saturday, 29 May 2010

Weekend crafting?

Despite the fact that my non-craft list is very long this weekend, I desperately need to find some time just to "be me" in my own space. It has been quite an intense week and I am missing my craft. I have a few orders to finish and some more re-organisation of my craft space. Am I the only person that does a re-organisation every few months?

But I am looking forward to spending some time in front of the box this weekend watching Eurovision.

Lordi, winners in 2006

Yet again we will try and have an embargo on "news" in our house on Sunday so that we don't know who the winner is. But there is always a news service that announces the winner with no spoilers - grrrr. No regard for Australian audiences who want to keep the surprise until they watch SBS on a Sunday night.

Have a happy Eurovision weekend!

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