Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Pram/Picnic Blanket for Rosemary

A few months back I met Rosemary in my doctors surgery. My daughter had a fever and we had to get her to the doctors.

Rosemary had noticed the Tartan pram blanket I had made for my daughter after a picnic trip to the Convent in Abbotsford, she wanted to know where I bought it. I told her to ring me in a week and I would tell her a price. And so .. she did, I sourced the materials and made it for her. Rosemary was very patient as she waited for her products. I rang around and couldn’t get a hold of some red stuart tartan, so got some black stuart and lined it with some red polar fleece.

Pram/Picnic Blanket Folded up

The Pram/Picnic Blanket opens out and then you “fold” the baby into it. The nylon straps gives you some flexibility on how you can wrap them up. For example, my daughter does not like her feet covered. So I can wrap her up tightly and leave her toes peeping out the bottom.

Pram/Picnic Blanket Open

Once the straps are unclipped, it is easy to get your baby in and out of the pram.

Picnic/Pram Blanket Closed

Picnic/Pram Blanket Closed

The clips do up securely for a snug ride.

Tartan Baby Slippers

Tartan Baby Slippers

As a “reward” I also made her a set of tartan baby slippers for her niece, she was stoked

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