Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Compact Mirrors

I was very excited when my mirrors arrived today for my market on Sunday. Trying something new with my designs on the back. Very Konstant Kaos ...


I've been stocktaking today. Laying out all my stock, pressing table cloths and making sure that I have everything that I need like bags and a float. I haven't had much time to sew as I usually would, but I am still looking forward to this market. I will be there under a marquee with Nicholas .. let's hope he behaves!

I am also going to have some "old" but in good condition club gear  and black corporate wear from when I was a size 10 ... so come along, enjoy the bands and company. Sunday is going to be a lovely day.

And if you love patchwork, remember that I have a giveaway that closes tomorrow midnight, Melbourne time!


Glenys said...

They look like they are for Halloween.

CurlyPops said...

They turned out great - nice and clear print. Perfect!