Thursday, 8 September 2011

My Creative Space: Sewing Room

I am slowly getting there with the sewing room. I was chuffed when the letters went up on the wall and even more pleased when I noticed that my Flowerpress Hottie fitted on the wall next to the window.

My larger space was way overdue for a sort and chuck, things that I had been hoarding for decades. Consolidating things into a fixed space has been a good exercise for me. The space still looks like a bomb has hit it, but it is slowly coming together.

I ended up purchasing some Ikea wardrobe organisers to put my fat quarters into in black, however I still have to properly colour sort and press my collection. I still have to get some blinds to put in the room and a few other things up on the wall next to the window. The coloured noticeboard that was in the old room is shorter than the shelf above it. That is going to annoy the crap out of me, so I will be making a new one!

On Tuesday, with Nicholas strapped to my back in the ergo, I tackled my costume box and chucked half of it. Most went to the op shop, but some hats gloves and skirts went off to childcare. I have kept a few costumes for either sentimental or rarity reasons.

I guess to sum it all up, if it is not functional or beautiful, I'll be finding a new home for it. For more creative spaces, head over to Our Creative Spaces.

In other news, our old cat Anastasia has spent the week at the Vet. She is 16 years old, has kidney disease and a tooth abscess. So things are a bit tense here at the moment. She has had a good life, but I am not ready to loose her yet.


Beky said...

Looking very sleek.

Karen said...

Your room is shaping up nicely. I wish I could get organised with mine.

I haven't tried Abigail in the ergo on my back yet... I really should give it a go!

Michelle Walker said...

Two thumbs up for getting can look forward to that big sigh of relief and weight lifted from your shoulders the first time you work in there for real!!

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