Saturday, 1 October 2011

Welcome to Blogtoberfest

We are nearing the end of the year and blog entries have become far and few between. Blogtoberfest occurs at the right time to heart-start your blog again and hopefully score a few giveaways along the way.

Party Bunting from Lark that I got for Tori's Birthday Picnic

So why has my blog been so empty? I have a matter of days remaining on my first Teacher Librarianship subject and I am frantically trying to finish my second piece of academic writing. It has been tough going. Nicholas *still* isn't sleeping or settling like he should at 7 months and we are booked into sleep school in the next month (don't worry, I have a strategy for Blogtoberfest). My reward at the end of all this is a nice facial massage which I will book once I hand in my essay.

I have been compiling of crafty projects to finish once my sewing machine is allowed to be switched on again. I keep on telling myself that it will be worth it when I am fully qualified to be in the school library. At the moment things seem doubly hard due to Nicholas being so temperamental.

Why don't you join us for Blogtobergest? It's not too late to join, head over to Tinniegirl and sign up and start blogging. What? You don't have a blog? Then sign up!


Clair said...

You poor thing. Two of my kids didn't start sleeping through till they were two years old....I think they heard me mutter dark words through gritted teeth and decided that for the sake of my sanity they'd start letting me sleep!
Good luck at sleep school, may the force be with you!

Vic said...

Happy Blogtoberfest!

Sounds like things are tough & busy at the moment, I hope it all eases up for you soon!

Feronia said...

Thanks for putting me on to Blogtober.

Hope the sleeping woes are resolved sooner rather than later!