Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Circa Nocturna

I'm off on Saturday night to Circa Nocturna, the alternative fashion parade as part of the Fashion Festival that we have in Melbourne at the moment. I was chuffed to be sent a VIP pass for the parade because I blogged about them last year! I am unsure how I am going to manage the feeding of Nicholas, but we will work something out!

In particular, I am looking foward to seeing a few new designers that I have not had the pleasure of seeing up close before. Clockwork Butterfly, is a steampunk inspired label offering structured garments for the more refined gentleman or lady. I haven't seen their work up close, but there has been a lot of discussion about their range. Given that more and more of my friends are embracing the steampunk aesthetic, it will be interesting to see if their garments are hardwearing and affordable.

I have been following Petticoats and Gallantry on facebook. Again, they have structured clothing appealing to the steampunk crowd. They don't seem to have much on their web site at the moment, but I am hoping that they reveal their new range on Saturday night. Bezerk are down again from Queensland. I have lots of their T-shirts and skirts and they always wash up well and look good.

It has been lovely to watch the alternative designers develop and flourish into fashion labels over the last few years. Moving from making a few items to releasing a collection every 6 months, and refined ones as well.

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Feronia said...

Have a fun night! Love Steampunk :)