Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Crafty Ideas

The days are certainly filled with excitement when a new baby arrives. There hasn't been much time for sewing or patchworking, but over the last few days I had lots of time to think and dream of the projects I could work on "if only I had the energy".

Monday night I found myself back at the hospital emergency ward with an post-birth infection. I have a history of haemorrhaging after childbirth, so we were all a bit worried that it might be another haemorrhage like I experienced after having Victoria. So I had two nights in hospital; just me, Nicholas, a few good books and an exercise book to sketch ideas into.

How do you record your crafty ideas? Do you have an inspiration board, a sketch book or a shoe box full of post-it notes?


Beky said...

Yeah a clear photo, this is what he looks like. He is just adorable.
Take care and get better.

Thea said...

Sorry to hear that you had an infection but I love that you took your sketch book. You baby is gorgeous btw! Hope you're feeling better. xx

Jennie said...

He's so beautiful! Do you think he'll keep his hair? Amy lost all hers at two weeks old.

Karen said...

I think I fall into the category of post-it notes, but I'm not organised enough to have a box of them. I've got lots of bits of paper, and note books for other purposes which randomly have a craft idea in the middle. It probably comes down to what I can lay my hands on at the time. I know I've got a few lying around which are on the back of envelopes!

Libster said...

good to hear that you are both doing well.... love photos of sleeping babies :)

I should doodle more, but then I think I spend too much time on this laptop lol

Emily said...

Hope you're feeling better. He is a sweetie! I have a series of notebooks that I glue magazine clippings etc. into.