Tuesday, 22 March 2011

More Baby Wraps

It took me ages to finish these ... some more baby wraps for Nicholas. I like wraps nice and big, so I take a piece of fabric 110cm x 110cm and then trim off the selvedge and square it up. I tend to use a rotary cutter, easier to get nice and crisp lines.

I bought the fabric from Spotlight years ago and put it aside for a present or special occasion. I used Birch poly cotton bias to go around the edges.


Ange Moore said...

I like my baby wraps bigger again! I have just made some 150 x 100 wraps - means you can get those little people snuggly tight (even when they are 6 months)!

Love the fabrics - great for a boy.

Anonymous said...

They look great. can I ask what the wide of your bias was? I usually have a stash of flannel wraps on hand for new additions but I need to make some more. Usually I roll hem with a decorative stitch but the bias might be a nice change for something different.