Saturday, 5 March 2011

Dr. Seuss Day

While trawling through the various blogs that I subscribe to, I noticed that lots of crafters were celebrating Dr. Seuss Day on Wednesday 2nd March; Dr. Seuss wall posters, Dr. Seuss Hats, Green Eggs Cookies.

But the day came with a reminder of a school production that I worked on a few years back, Circa 2005, "Seussical the Musical".

I made the principal costume (everything except the hat) for the production. The costume consisted of a fully lined "tails jacket" that had wire work on the tail and cuffs and matching pants. A floppy bow tie with wire work, fingerless gloves and cumberband. The jacket was fully lined, but the challenge was certainly in sewing in conduits for the wire work.

The only component that I didn't make was the white top underneath the jacket. The costume had to survive 8 performances throughout two weeks at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne. I am not sure what happened to the costume, but the triumph in making it was worthwhile.

I certainly miss the involvement of being involved at the hands on level in a production, costuming has been in my blood for so long.

Australian Napoleonic Society Dinner at Josephines, Mt. Martha, 2007

I made my hubby sit through all 6 hours of Pride and Predudice while I made his jacket and pants.

2002 Australian Costumiers Guild Ball, winning entry "7 Deadly Sins".
The conceptual design of each character was the brain child of Karen.

I made my Black Satin corset, Crinoline and hand sewed every feather onto the bodice. I am sure that someone has better photo's somewhere out there, I should really hunt them up!

There was a point in my life when I always had a costume "on the go" and Andreas and I were always attending events and clubs that encouraged costuming, but the amount of time that I can now dedicate to costuming is dramatically decreasing with each child I have! I guess now I am turning my creativity towards things that are more practical in my life.

What about you?
Were you doing the same "craft" 10 years ago?
Or has your craft evolved and taken on another form over the years?

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Karen said...

I do miss the costuming, and it would be nice to make use of all the clothes in the extra wardrobe (even though most of them wouldn't fit right now).

I did a complete write up on the Sins costumes somewhere once I think, I should find it and post it!

Thanks for the reminiscing