Friday, 4 March 2011

Happy Girl's Day

In Japan they tend to have the most obscure "days". My brother who lives and works in Japan, tells me about "Family Day" and "Beach Day" and then there is "Golden Week" where the whole country stops and celebrates. What a wonderful idea!

According to the interwebs, Girls Day ...

On this day families with young daughters celebrate this event at home to ensure their daughter's future happiness. That is, they decorate hina-Ningyo (special, beautiful dolls which are replicas of an ancient emperor and empress and their subordinates).

Zakka Life posted yesterday on "Happy Girls Day" so I thought it a good excuse to post a pick of my little girl (again!). She seems so huge now that we have Nicholas, her hands, her feet. I am sure that she has had a growth spurt in the last few weeks as nothing seems to fit her anymore.

I am hoping that next week I will have some energy to do some sewing, I have so many things to finish and so many ideas to play around with in my sketchbook.

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Emily said...

What lovely ways to celebrate different aspects of life! I love the way the Japanese do things like this. Lovely photos.