Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas for Cats

Life has been a bit full on, but we are through our first two "Open for Inspections" on our house, so I can almost feel that a sense of normality is returning (except for the fact that now my house is sparkly clean and has to stay that way!).

I've started to start thinking about Christmas and found myself looking for things for the kittens. Most of these finds are "in an ideal universe" presents because most are incredibly expensive!

I hope you enjoy my finds!

There are lots of cat drinking fountains around, but this one is quite stylish and also comes in stainless steel.

This sleepypod cat bed is gorgeous! I love the fact that you can buy a warmer. When the furballs are in the cattery you can unzip the bottom for them to sleep in it. It is also a lot less bulky than the cat carriers that we have at the moment and comes in some lovely colours!

ModKat vertical litter box is so cool! Not sure if this would work, I would be tempted to hack one from an old plastic box to see if my furballs would use it. The design is lovely with not too many corners for the dust to settle. Looks easy to clean and I love the idea of a washable liner.

Cool Cat Climbing Tower

I like the fact that this one can stack together if you needed to put it away. Cool concept.

Hollywood Franklin Cat Tower

I love this concepts and there are a few hacks around that have tried to do something similar. But this one is so stylish and I can imagine it in my backroom! The tower uses ikea parts, Stolmen components. You could probably buy components like this and attach them to the pole as well.

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