Saturday, 12 November 2011

Finished Backyard .. my creative space!

We have been very busy at our place clearing out and getting things ready. The backyard is done and I can't wait until the pumpkin takes hold and makes the backyard look look luscious.

I am so pleased with how it has come together, especially the $13 glazed saucer under the tap (below next to the garage) that works well as a bird bath. In the morning I often come down and look out the back windows and see a bird washing itself in it. The cats love it.

My wisteria has taken off as well. There are still a few things to do here and there, but we are pretty much done.

And if you are wondering why the pictures look so swish, that is because our house goes up for Auction on the 10th of December. We had the "official" brochure pictures done the other day and the house scrubs up quite well! It was interesting to learn all the tricks that they use when taking pictures and the techniques that they use to do dusk photography.

We are moving closer to the parental units across the other side of the city. It should make the commutes each week easier and also provide Tori and Nicholas with more contact time with their grandparents. Even though I am sad to be leaving Northcote, I am looking forward to re-decorating another house again as I have caught the bug!

So I might not be around much over the next 4 weeks, too busy cleaning! I have been doing lots of crafty things, but not much time for blogging and even less time for projects that don't enhance how the house looks.


willywagtail said...

Wow! It really does look magazine quality. Moving near the grandparents is a great idea as they can play such an important anchoring role in a child's life. Cherrie

nicole said...

gosh it looks great!
hope the auction and everything goes well!

Anonymous said...

You've done an awesome job - looks great. Good luck with the auction and the pending move!

Optix said...

Looks great! Well done!