Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Annivesary Andreas

Today, Andreas and I celebrate 17 years being married (22 years together).

The last year has certainly been a full one for us. A new baby, selling the house that we built, moving into a rental, and all the emotional strain that goes with that. But I have my happy place back (my sewing room) and with it renewed energy to create my little "hobby" businesses into something more sustainable.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by genuine friends who have also been in long term relationships. Granted, it is not easy at times. Growing old together has it's ups and down's, but as I tell the kids that I teach, anything that is worthwhile tends to be hard.

The next year will bring it's own strains with the pending house project. But we are now closer to our support system and in a space which will allow us to live and grow the way we want to.

Andreas, I love you.

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Cathie said...

sweet post, happy anniversary guys x