Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The things that you find at the back of a cupboard

Emptying the kitchen cupboards, it really doesn't feel like we have been here for 6 years. I came across this Womble cup up the top of the cupboard. Too precious for everyday use ..

I was a big Womble fan when I was little. Wombles, the first environmentalists ..

I found these on etsy, aren't they gorgeous! Although I probably couldn't bring myself to chop up a Wombles Annual to make them. I must hunt out my Womble stuff and pass it onto Victoria, I am sure that she will get hooked on it as much as I did.

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Karen said...

OMG! Alyssa adores the Wombles! We have all the 'albums' and play them in the car :o) She has even drawn her favourite Womble (Wellington) and stuck it on her wall :o) "Remember you're a Womble" ;o)