Friday, 11 May 2012

Paper Book Bunting

The school Library where I work is celebrating it's patron next week so many decorations are being made in her honor.

The Library was also weeding their collection and disposing of damaged books so I rescued Anne of Green Gables and make it into a bunting for the Library!


The thread that I used was Gutermann 100% Polyester CA 02776. Thicker than normal thread, normally used for top stitching. I've been using this thread for things like paper buntings and the simple Colouring in books that I made my daughter a while back.

Stitch length was the longest that the machine could do. In between each paper bunting, I pulled the thread through the machine to maintain tension and counted to "five" to get a gap. You could sew them closer if you wanted to.

Rather pleased with the outcome. I could imagine that you could photocopy random pages from the classics onto fabric and make a fabric one if you wanted to.

Tomorrow I am off to do a sewing workshop. I have been making bags for a while, but I want to hone my skills. It also gives me a chance to sew, which I desperately need at the moment for my mental health.

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