Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sick Nicholas

My little poppet is sick :(

He has gingivostomatitis (sore mouth with ulcers). We have no idea how he got this as we brush his teeth and he doesn't have any sugary foods. We have had several days of unbearable sleeping patterns with excessive amounts of drooling. It came to a head when we had to take him to emergency last night because he wouldn't stop screaming. Unfortunately they couldn't do anything except give us strategies to care for him.

Now that we know what the issue is, we can care for him properly. We got some industrial strength "Bonjella" from the chemist, but water, food and sleep seems to be the best solution. So my hubby and I will take it in shifts sleeping with him.

We are slowly settling into our new rental, but we are still living in boxville. I still have boxes that I need to unpack and I haven't yet had an opportunity to do any serious sewing. I am hoping after my end of semester school reporting cycle that I will have some time to be creative. I miss the geometry of patchwork.

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