Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Custom Bag order

When I made myself a Tote bag for the first time I used this fabric.

You might recognise it as coming from Ikea, they have a great range of Fabrics for bags and book coverings. Used sparingly, I think that it looks lovely and it is so hard wearing as well!

I paired it up with some dotty lining with two pockets and a clip for the keys.

It is off to England, so I hope that the new owner loves it!
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Thea said...

I love this. I'm sure that the new owner will too!

Jennie said...

"Used sparingly". A very subtle dictate on the Tastes of Margaret. :-D

quiltmom anna said...

Lovely bag- I am sure that the new owner will really enjoy using such a wonderful bag - it looks pretty and a good size.

Unknown said...

it is a good handbag and I am very excited to see more designs from you. I have just brought a bag last week of leather of brown colour. It is also a fantastic design. Thanks a lot for showing, I like it too.
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