Friday, 22 January 2010

Where did my baby go?

Sitting making a batch of baby shoes for an exciting new store last night and I found myself wondering where my baby had gone ... remembering the first pair of shoes I made for her in August 2008.

She is no longer a toddler she is a little girl with opinions and lots of attitude. At the moment her language is developing fine and every once in a while she will have a full conversation with you, but it still sounds like jibberish. At the end she will say "ok"?

Anyway, back to the shoes ... I try and do things in batches, so I was busy making baby shoe "tops" from all the material I had cut out previously. I line them with wool batting for extra warmth and breathability. I found that lined with polyester batting and they tended to get a bit stinky a bit too fast.

I love the Kokka bat fabic, the durability is excellent as it is a medium weight fabric and it looks so cute!

I still have some prototype shoes made in this fabric kicking around and except for the time when she got out onto concrete, they have survived Tori and the washing machine quite well.

I might have to make her a pair of shoes for winter, at the moment her feet are enjoying not having much on them when she is inside.
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Little Waltz said...

I think your baby has grown up to be an absolutely dear. She's so cute! Although I do agree with her, running around bare feet right now in the summer is heavenly!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Wow, look at how much she's grown! She's gorgeous! I love that stage they go through with language and conversation, it's just adorable.

Very sweet shoes too!

Unknown said...
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