Thursday, 21 January 2010

Developing direction

It is funny when I find a blog that I like, I tend to do random clicks through the archive just to get a feel for the type of person who writes the blog and whether I want to subscribe to it. I did this with the Anna Laura blog a while back and was surprised to read that she hasn't always done brooches, in fact she had done bags, hair accessories and all sorts of things.

It was fascinating to read how an artist has developed her vision for her business. Taken one idea and developed it, shelved another for a rainy day and moved on to develop another skill set. I love her screen printed bags and pouches, in amongst the pile of retro pastiche brooches!

Registered in July 2008, I originally started Konstant Kaos sewing baby shoes and baby items. I then branched out into all sorts of things within a common asthetic and feel and now I am spending lots of time making bags!

I've been doing lots of reflecting since my Happy New Year post, and I'd like to work further on my 2010 Crime Scene range and potentially 'go wholesale' on a selection of my products. Going wholesale scares me a little, but in order to build my business, I need to get sewing and get out there.

I like the idea that Jennie has of finding a theme that you can work with for the season rather than random sewing projects clumped together under business banner. I've been sketching ideas out and running a costing sheet on products t see if it is viable ... but then Jay comes along with her monthy design challenge to tempt me away from focusing on my business!

If you have gone through this hobby to business transition, how did you do it? Did you develop a story or a theme, or did you do something else? Share!


Finki said...

i love to see how peoples business evolves too. and for me I'm still chasing that perfect picture of having found one thing I'd like to focus on. Still random city here. (:
My idea with the challenge was to actually give me a bit of focus each month. One range to work on, under one theme, instead of 20 themes in one month as per usual.
But I think we have both come so far in one year, and i have no doubt that one year from now we'll be even more focused and fabulous.
jay xx

Jennie said...

YOu found the felt lady badges! I saw them at Rose St once but didn't have any money and could never have picked one anyway. I adore the stories that go with them... one was a church organist who lost her job for nicking the communion wine. Thanks for linking to her blog, I'm going to start following her too.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

While I set up my business to be a business right from the start, it was after I'd run a couple of other successful craft businesses in the past. The problem had always been that I got them to the point of working and running well (and making money) and then wanted to move onto something new.

So when I set up Kimono Reincarnate, I did so with that knowledge in mind... I keep with the Japanese theme, mostly either using kimono fabrics or influenced by kimonos, but that then allowed me to create a large range of items, what ever my passion decided to be at the time. I feel that way I can grow this business without getting bored with it, it will always allow change.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

...I forgot to say - I love the Crime Scene range!

I'm off to check out those links now!

Unknown said...

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