Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Shade Sail

My sewing a room is in the front of the house and it gets quite hot on days like today. I didn't want to spend $45 buying a shade sail, so I I figured, given that I have made bags, quilts and the occasional corset, that I could probably tackle a shade sail.

I bought one metre of shade sail material to make a sail for my front window. The material cost me $15 a metre from Bunnings, it was 180cm wide. I finished the edges in calico (hey, I am doing this on the cheap) with my new 2" bias maker that I found in Lincraft. If I could be bothered driving off to spotlight today, I would have bought some 2 " heading tape.

I double stitched all seams with polyester cotton. The shade sail was attached to a pine post which we scored from my parents.

The front sail has industrial D rings at $8 each from Bunnings, carebena's and D rings to adjust tension. But by the time I got to making the side of the house one, I was lazy and Andreas just screwed them into the house and post!

I cut the front one out of the material making a G string shape (if you can imagine that) and then for the side of the house one, I attached the offcuts together to make another sail. I probably should have trimmed it up a bit more, but it was late in the day and I was tired ....

When we were attaching the back shade, I noticed that one of my roses was in bloom and not singed by the heat.


CurlyPops said...

Now that's what I call inventive!

Thea said...

Very impressive. Happy New Year to you. x

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

Good job. Those sort of jobs aren't always fun, but you do feel very virtuous when you stand back and admire them.

beth said...

that's the most inventive thing I've seen all day!! great job.