Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

I guess I am pretty glad to be seeing the back of 2009. Lots of highs and an equal amount of lows. Hubby and I have ended the year in a flurry of activity, de-cluttering the house and either re-assigning or chucking out the crap that seems to accumulate where we don't want it to. In true Flylady terms ... hitting the hotspots.

I don't have many New Year's Resolutions except to keep balance in my life and to focus on what is dear to me. Make sure that I don't ignore my friends when I am in that crafty zone!

2010 finds me back in the classroom in a part-time capacity again (teaching 60% of the time); Year 12 Information Technology Applications, Year 9 Humanities and Year7/8 Body Mind Spirit (RE). That equals 4 days at the school per week and hopefully the equivalent of 2 days off a week.

My first Market appearance for the year will be the Northside Makers Market on February 6th. I am looking forward to keeping my etsy store upto date and to again, try to develop something new for each of my markets each month.

So I hope that you had a great New Year and to my fellow bloggers I look forward to reading your blog entries and sharing your crafty journey.


Jennie said...

That FlyLady site looks interesting. Really could have used it about a year ago before I got my business into gear and was beating myself up about not keeping the house clean.

Cathie said...

all the very best to you all for the new year Margaret.
hugs ♥

Suze said...

You follow the FlyLady too? I've been trying to keep up with that...I'm still a fly baby. : )

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Happy New Year Margaret. I think there's lots of us happy to see the back of 2009. Be gone old year I say.